Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Fishing Slovenia

Eighteenth Post

There are many opportunities for summer fishing in Slovenia. All waters can provide prolific catches, whether on Lakes Bled or Bohinj or the emerald rivers, where you can see the fish in the crystal clear water.

Lake Bohinj:

This is Slovenia’s largest, natural lake and Char can be caught fly fishing or by deep fishing from boats. For the casual fisherman or children, Chub and Perch can be caught from the bank. All you need is a locally bought license, which is 25€ per day.

Lake Bled:

This beautiful lake has Slovenia’s only island and is a stunning location to fish. You can fish for Pike, Perch, Zander, Lake Trout, Carp upto 20kg and Catfish. Licenses start at 13€ for one day.

The Sava Bohinjka:

This river is fed directly from Lake Bohinj and the water is rarely anything but crystal clear. It offers some of the best fly fishing for Trout and Grayling, upto 3-4lb, in Slovenia. Rainbow and Brown Trout can be caught to 5-6lb, or sometimes even bigger. The Rainbow Trout are generally stocked into the river for sport, but you may be lucky enough to catch some which have, unusually, bred in the river. The Sava Bohinjka is a fly fishing only river and licenses cost from 40€ per day.

Radovna River:

This is a beautifully clear river, flowing through incredible scenery. It is a small river and requires the real “J R Hartley” approach: stalking through the trees and undergrowth to try and surprise the flighty fish. It offers great fly fishing for Rainbow Trout and the aggressive Brook Trout. Licenses start from 39€ per day.

Soca River:

The Soca is an awesome mountain river flowing south towards the Adriatic Sea. The upper reaches around the Lepenica tributary, offers superb sport; fly fishing only for Rainbow, Brown and the rare Marble Trout. The largest Marble Trout was caught measuring around 4 feet long! However, a more realistic catch of all the trout, is about 2-5lb. Good sized Grayling can also be caught in the Soca, to around 2lb. Licenses start from 59€…not cheap, but worth every penny, as fishing the Soca is memorable, even if you have a “bad day”!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this edition. Next Blog will focus on Lakes Bled and Bohinj.

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